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Living Languages at St. George’s International School Summer Camps

With over 30 hours of intense, but enjoyable instruction in each two-week session, campers concentrate on mastering two-way conversations, both speaking and listening. Highly trained and experienced teachers oversee this successful and worthwhile all-round camp experience.

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St. George’s Summer Mountain Camp is for those students excited and eager to explore a world off the beaten path.

Mountain Campers live high in the foothills of the Alps with breath-taking views of the Rhône valley and Mont Blanc and mountain biking and hiking trails right outside their door. These students undertake challenging, exciting, and new experiences that develop their inter- and intra-personal awareness, self-efficacy and leadership skills, building on the strong foundations developed in early years of Camp (even if there are new Campers, this ethos will transcend).

Campers are given opportunities to pursue true understanding and meaning of challenges they experience and see in their daily lives, while further honing their language and communication skills alongside their remarkable peers.

Junior Mountain Campers (8-12 years old)

Junior mountain Campers learn and experience the beauty of mountain life. They begin the session building strong trust among their Cabins through activities and games that form group dynamics and ethos, and then get out in the wild for hiking, mountain biking, nature-based science activities and farm-to-table experiences on local farms. Junior mountain Campers sing songs under the stars, build their own forts and self-governing villages in the countryside through structured play. They fully experience all that this world-renowned region has to offer.

Junior Mountain Activities

  • Mountain Scavenger Hunt (House Competition)
  • Groomed Trail Mountain Biking
  • Zip lining and Paragliding
  • Introduction to Rock Climbing
  • Backcountry Fort Building
Senior Mountain Campers (13-18 years old)

Senior mountain Campers develop proficiency and fluency with the backcountry and truly go off the beaten path beyond the typical traveller. Traversing a glacier, sailing through the high country on a Tyrolean Traverse, backpacking into the wilderness, mountain biking lesser travelled trails–Senior Mountain Campers go beyond the norm and in the process, come to learn things about themselves and their peers that will guide them for the rest of their lives.

Senior Mountain Camp activities

  • Backcountry Travel Master Course
  • Glacier 3000 Traverse
  • Tyrolean Traverse over a Waterfall
  • Rock Climbing
  • Off-trail Mountain Biking
  • Chaperoned attendance at Montreux Jazz Festival
  • Session 1 (July 02-14, 2018)
  • Session 2 (July 16-28, 2018)
  • Junior Mountain Camp
    (for 8-12 years old)
  • Senior Mountain Camp
    (for 13-18 years old)
Switzerland, 1815 Clarens-Montreux
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