-10 reasons-

Why You Should Choose St. George’s International School Summer Camps?

Reason 10

Switzerland is ranked among the world’s safest countries, according to the World Economic Forum.

Reason 9:

Unparalleled access to Lake Geneva! Nowhere else in Switzerland is as close to the lake as St. George’s International School Summer Camps. Lake Campers have ample and frequent opportunities to become true watersports experts- skills that last your entire lifetime.

Reason 8

Learning is a lifelong, year-round pursuit. Thus, campers at St. George’s International School Summer Camps are constantly learning new things, albeit different from their regular school lives, that are valuable and necessary for their individual and collective success. This includes socio-emotional development, personal growth, and character traits like perseverance, courage, and kindness.

Reason 7

St. George’s International School Summer Camps recruits highly experienced staff who are not only qualified in experiential education, they are leaders in the field. Rather than outsourcing activities to outside vendors like other Swiss camps, St. George’s International School has expertise in-house to do most of our sports, activities, and language instruction.  As a result, giving students around-the-clock exposure.

Reason 6

At St. George’s International School Summer Camps, campers do not only get to try a variety of skills and sports, they are given opportunities to master them. This prepares campers to go out into the world beyond an intermediate and even advanced level in myriad areas.

Reason 5

St. George’s International School is among the top boarding institutions in the world. SGIS Summer Camps are a phenomenal opportunity to learn-from the inside-about the school’s renowned culture, academic excellence, and tradition of pastoral care.

Reason 4

While attending St. George’s International School Summer Camps, campers make significant strides in their acquisition of French and English; languages that must be mastered to attend boarding school in Switzerland.

Reason 3

St. George’s International School Camps is truly a well-rounded program; for example, in just one day, a Camper might practice her French while paddle-boarding with his or her peers, do a Hidden Scavenger Hunt in Montreux, eat lunch with fellow from all over the world, vote for the best act in the Staff Talent Show, and engage in a deep and meaningful conversation in her nightly reflection circle.

Reason 2

Camp is most of all different than any other experience young people get to have. Camp is about adventure, fun, creativity, imagination, and even a little magic.

Reason 1

St. George’s International School Summer Camps, above all else, are about meaningful and long-lasting friendships. The friends you make at Camp, through your unique and bonding experiences, are friends that last a lifetime.