Summer Camp Values



St. George’s Adventure Camp is committed to recruiting a diverse population of campers each summer from across the globe, and to ensuring that all campers feel welcome and included at camp. By recruiting an international staff who demonstrate and model Camp’s values of curiosity, respect, and humility, campers enter this community mind-set of difference as a strength and as a unifying force. Through camp activities and rituals that probe these values, Campers naturally come to transcend beyond the superficial commonalities we often draw in society. Finally, through actively celebrating and highlighting various cultures and traditions through camp programming; as well as adopting multiple ‘official languages” at camp, all voices and perspectives have room to grow.


To be successful in the twenty-first century, young people who are multilingual are not only at an advantage professionally, but benefit significantly from their increased capacity to communicate and empathize with different cultures. SGIS Summer Camps, through its unique “Living Languages” pedagogy, helps students advance in their spoken and written understanding of French, English, and other world languages.


Every camper at SGIS Adventure Campers will feel cared for, respected, and included. Through expert facilitation, campers will feel trusting of their peers and of their leaders, and have a clear picture of how they are receiving support and encouragement from staff. Staff will behave as role models for campers,   demonstrating camp’s values and skills we seek to impart, but also providing guidance, coaching, and a positive, inspiring attitude towards everyone. SGIS Summer Camps are a place where a camper’s socio-emotional needs and character dispositions are given much attention. However, students are also expected to extend this value of pastoral care to each other, exercising empathy, understanding, and respect always.


Staff at SGIS Adventure Camps are all trained camp counsellors familiar with–and strong advocates of–the Camp model. Camp leadership will work diligently to hire and prepare staff to leverage their expertise in both hard skills (for example, rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, tennis, languages) and soft skills (restorative justice, risk management, psychosocial care, child development). In this highly informed and expert environment, Campers can feel comfortable taking risks, trying new things, and experiencing new cultures.


SGIS Summer Camps are unparalleled in the region in their capacity to deliver a true “Camp” experience–not an extension of the school year. Through the recruitment of highly skilled staff and Camp leadership, SGIS Summer Camps are an opportunity for young people to gain expertise as well through being at Camp. Grounded in St. George’s fifteen years as a Summer Camp stemming from strong Swiss tradition, campers at SGIS become well developed in sports, adventure activities, languages, and character traits.


Nowhere else in the world is better situated to provide a meaningful Camp experience. St. George’s International School, the main campus of SGIS Adventure Camps, is absolutely ideally located in the foothills of the Swiss Alps and on the shores of Lake Geneva. The campus has awe-inspiring views of the neighbouring mountains, crisp, clear air, and is just a five-minute walk to the deep, blue, clear waters of the lake. With France and Italy visible across the lake and the camp’s close positioning to Geneva, a major global epicenter of diplomacy and internationalism, a strong ethic of Swiss identity, solidarity, and tradition is alive and well at school and in Montreux. The ample and easily accessible opportunities to engage in all that Switzerland has to offer from its strong history of wilderness adventure, outdoor sports, cultural activities, and intellectual pursuits.