FCB Football Camp
For talented young footballers with ambition to be the best.


Learn 5 skills in 5 days to rapidly improve your performance.

FCB camp is about becoming the best by training with the best. A rare opportunity to be coached by F.C. Barcelona and to be spotted by scouts who will watching for exceptional players to take to top academies.

We now include 2 hours of language tuition every day in either French or English.

Click Play below to see what th FCB Camp is really like:-


Strategy – Learn how to out think your opponents.

Technical – Learn the skills to apply your strategy.

Values – Be gracious in victory and defeat.

Leadership – Combine the efforts of your team.

Teamwork – The key to success.


Where will the camp be based?

On the beautiful campus of St Georges in Montreux. There are excellent facilities and great food.

How many kids will be attending the camp?

We have 40 places available but we expect these to be taken quickly.

What age is the camp for?

It is for 6-16 years old

FCB Escola Coaches

  • Boarding
  • 8-16 years old
  • July 29th – August 3th, 2018
  • 2'200.– CHF (one week)


8.30am       Meet up and Kit Delivery
9.30am       Camp presentation
10.00am     Formation of groups and morning training
12.00am     Shower
12.45am      Lunch
3.00pm       Afternoon training
5.00pm       Shower
8.00pm       Evening activities


Typical day (from Tuesday to Friday)

8.30am      Meet up
9.00am      Morning training: 1st session
10.30am     Break
10.45am     Morning training: 2nd session
12.00am     Shower
12.45pm     Lunch break
2.30pm       Supplementary activities
3.00pm      Afternoon training
5.00pm      Shower
7.00pm      Dinner
8.00pm      Evening activities


  • KIT delivery and presentation Camp
  • Formation of training groups
  • Technical aspects: ball control; pass; stop
  • Match aspects: width and depth; movement of the ball
  • Tactical aspects: defense and attack


  • Technical aspects: movement of the ball; individual marking
  • Match aspects: width and depth; game speed
  • Tactical aspects: positions and distances; roles
  • Match simulation: practical application


  • Technical aspects: dribbling; tackle
  • Match aspects: defense and attack; marking
  • Tactical aspects: finalizing the attack; positions
  • Match simulation: practical application


  • Technical aspects: kicks; shots
  • Match aspects: finalizing the attack
  • Tactical aspects: playing with the jolly
  • Match simulation: practical application


  • Technical aspects: revision
  • Match aspects: revision
  • Tactical aspects: revision
  • Match simulation: practical application
  • Closing Ceremony and delivery the participation’ certificate