Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Who are St. George's Summer Camps for?

    St. George’s International School Summer Camps are for students from around the world who want a transformative engaging experience that is fun, inspiring educational. Our Summer camps are truly international experiences, where campers get to interact and become friends with their peers from around the world, building understanding of different cultures, languages, and societies. St. George’s International School Summer Camps celebrate this internationalism by exploring culture and providing language immersion amidst one of the most beautiful places in the world-Montreux, Switzerland. Our Summer Camp is for young people who want to experience Switzerland’s lakes, mountains and people in new ways completely unlike any other opportunity outside of camp.
  • 2. What kind of programme is right for my child?

    There are programs for everyone at St. George’s International School Summer Camps. We recommend you review the Programmes Page and go over the options with your child. Lake and Mountain Summer Camps are thematically specific and develop crucial skills young people will use throughout their lifetimes.  The Swiss Experience is destined for campers that wish to have a cultural experience while discovering the main Swiss touristic places in only one week.
  • 3. What is included in the cost of St. George's Summer Camps?

    Included in the session cost are all meals and lodging, transportation, medical insurance, activities and equipment. A packing list will be sent to students prior to camp. The full payment is due upon registration as well as a CHF 500.- registration fee.
  • 4. How should my child get to the camp?

    SGIS Summer Camps can easily facilitate airport pickups at Geneva International Airport. Our team of professional drivers will collect a group at the beginning and end of each session. Otherwise, you are welcome to bring your child to camp and stay for the Parent/Family Welcome Lunch.
    Note: We cannot accommodate mid-session arrivals and/or departures. Please plan your travel accordingly.

  • 5. Will there be other children who are new to the camp?

    SGIS welcomes campers from all over the world. Each year we have new campers join us in each programme; because of our international community at St George’s International School, everyone integrates and socializes very well. Making friends is a focus at St George’s, so being new is just another excuse to make a new friend.
  • 6. Who are the staff?

    St. George’s International School Summer Camp staff are experts in their field and seasoned camp counsellors and experiential educators. Each counsellor undergoes five days of thorough training prior to the start of camp, covering topics such as safety and risk management issues, team building, counselling skills and communication and teaching skills.
  • 7. How do we register?

    Fill in the online application, the medical form and provide us with a copy of a passport.  We will then send you the invoice and the place will be secured once the full payment and CHF 500 registration fee have been received.