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In addition to our Lake and Mountain Camps activities, campers will enjoy a variety of afternoon and evening activities.

Dance and Drama Activites Switzerland Summer

Learn, practice and perform during our different activities. Our Summer Camp staff has a wide range of styles and interests which they will share with you and inspire your creative spirit.

summer-activitesFor our Creative students!

Each Camper has the opportunity to explore a wide range of technical skills whilst encouraging freedom of imagination. Our use of media includes sketching, painting, sculpture and ceramics.

activites summer camp switzerland

Play and improve in a wide range of sports on campus. We have outstanding facilities and highly
qualified staff who can take you to the next level.

Tennis, Football, Table Tennis, Badminton, Dodgeball,
Swimming, Gymnastics, Rugby, Netball, Basketball are just some of the sports we offer during the camp.

evening activites summer camp switzerland
Fun ways to make friends and bring a busy day to an end!
The evening events at St. George’s Summer Camp are a highlight, promoting friendly competition among campers and also the staff. Activities include laser tag, bowling,
Pie the teacher, Angry Birds, Hungry Hippos and a lot more!